The Velo House  

The Velo House

We worked on this very personal project with Kiwi & Pom, to create a home for cyclists.

The old bank building was redesigned to house a ground-floor cafe, workshop and first-floor retail space. Our studio is conveniently sited on the top floor.

The buildings architecture influenced the finished design; exposing the existing mixed Terrazzo and parquet floor, plus the high shuttered-concrete ceiling we opted for a light-industrial feel.

The design is simple and the overall atmosphere welcoming and surprisingly comfortable despite the high-ceilings and hard surface finishes. A polished plaster Velodrome wall is the back-drop to a new powder-coated steel staircase and a mix of oak and laminated plywood joinery is used for the cafe and retail fittings.

Mixed reclaimed factory lighting, furniture and contemporary Hay and Vitra design classics have been blended in mixed colours and material finishes to add interest to the industrial grey backdrop.

The Velo House, a home for cyclists.

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